Our warranty does not cover the elimination of malfunctions arising from abnormal or unintended use of the product, but also the following issues: Low voltage or height, faulty electrical installation, use of the product at a voltage different from the voltage printed on the labelPainting of the product, enamel discardInstallation, unloading and shipping immediate failures.

Remedies outside the scope of warranty are charged.

If the warranty certificate is damaged, the original serial number on the product is removed and destroyed, the warranty shall be deemed to be void. can not.


1- The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and is 2 years.

2- All parts including the goods are covered by the warranty.

3- In the event that the goods are found to be defective, the consumer shall have the right to take part in Article 11 of the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection; a- Returning from the contract, b- Asking for a discount from the sale price, c- Asking for repair free of charge, ç- Asking the replacement of the solder to be replaced with a non-defective amount can use one of its rights.

4- If the consumer chooses the right to repair free of charge, the seller; is obliged to repair or have the product repaired without any charge under the labor cost, the cost of the replacement part or any other name. The consumer may also exercise the right to free repair against the manufacturer or importer. The seller, producer and importer are jointly responsible for exercising this right by the consumer.

5- If the consumer uses the right to repair free of charge; - Failure within the warranty period, - Exceeding the maximum time required for repair, - In the event that repair is not possible by a report from the authorized service station, seller, manufacturer or importer; the consumer may request the return of the goods, the discount of the price at the rate of defect or the replacement of the goods with the defect-free amount if possible. The seller may not reject the consumers request. If this request is not fulfilled, the seller, manufacturer and importer are jointly and severally liable.

6- The repair period of the goods may not exceed 20 working days. This period starts from the date of notification of the failure of the goods to the authorized service station or the seller within the warranty period, and starts from the date of delivery of the goods to the authorized service station if the warranty period is out. If the malfunction cannot be repaired within 10 working days, the manufacturer or importer; until the repair of the product is completed, another product with similar characteristics shall be allocated to the use of the consumer. In case of malfunction of the goods within the warranty period, the period spent in repair is added to the warranty period.

7- Malfunctions resulting from the use of the product contrary to the points stated in the instruction manual are not covered by the warranty.

8- The consumer may apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee or the Consumer Court where the settlement is located or where the consumer transaction is made in case of any disputes regarding the exercise of the rights arising from the guarantee.

9- If this Warranty Certificate is not provided by the seller, the consumer may apply to the General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance of the Ministry of Customs and Trade..