ESCO is located in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone on a closed area of ​​108.000m². Fully equipped with integrated facilities, research and development laboratories, mold, sheet metal, metal processing, all computer-controlled enamel ovens, robot-controlled enamel and electrostatic, powder painting lines, aluminum and plastic injection lines and assembly units; white goods, electrical appliances and furniture, including durable goods sector, the main producer in Turkey, is one of the exporter and distributor.

ESCO Group Companies; Esco Enamel Casting Co., Eselevsan Electrical Appliances, Cosmic Heat Devices, Bexel Modular Furniture, Cosmic Durable Consumer Goods Bexel Foreign Trade, is composed of companies.

ESCO stands for health, safety, quality and economy for consumers with recognized, reliable, certified and approved suppliers and production and processing technologies, final quality control and sales and after-sales services, starting with the selection of raw materials.

Since it was established in Turkey to date, we trusted the quality of its products EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System is produced under the Certificate. With its export-oriented production strategy, ESCO has won the trust of consumers all over the world. Certified by worldwide product safety, quality certification and approval laboratories. In ESCO products, TUV-Rheinland holds the GS Quality and CB Test Certificates of the German Quality Institute. CERTIGAZ SAS-France has standards and certificates for gas cookers, gas ovens, full-gas ovens / similar household appliances.

Related standards and certification bodies in other countries, including electrical and gas cooking appliances and ovens; NEMKO- Norway, SGS Turkey, DEKRA - Netherlands, ERIE - Korea, Australia, Singapore, HEAT - Israel. ESCO manufactures white goods in compliance with the RoHS directive, which limits the use of 6 chemicals that are harmful to organisms and the environment.

ESCO has established international reliability with its continuous improvement aimed at meeting customer demands, continuity and stability in service and service efficiency, and has made continuous development in these areas. This stability has made ESCO attractive and attractive for international customers. Continuous and mutual cooperation with overseas customers and buyers contributes to ESCO access to the most advanced and up-to-date production technologies and methods.

ESCO advanced technology, know-how and technical staff are guided to further develop existing customer service.

ESCO, consumers as well as in Turkey, mainly in the following countries, with all member countries of the European Union; Germany, France, England, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Australia, Korea, Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, CIS, Bela Ruya, Middle East countries, Africa Total 102 countries continue to be a passion and habit for end consumers with its wide range of products manufactured at world standards.

Our vision

To make our group a group that aims to develop continuously with the Contemporary Management model and does not compromise this philosophy. Developing products in line with our ethical principles, values, goals and strategies; to produce at the highest standards, to perform our sales and after-sales services at the highest level, to continuously and significantly increase the value we add to our customers, dealers, business partners and the environment.

Our Mission

To achieve world standards in human resources policy by prioritizing employee satisfaction and development. Expanding our areas of expertise to open new horizons in our sectors, to exceed the increasing needs and expectations of our customers, to maximize their satisfaction, to anticipate possible needs and develop products and solutions.

Our Quality Policy

Our company which make production in white appliances sector pursues your activities with their aims that being advance in product & service and aiming the leader in / out market.

Our Quality Policies involve below issues;

  • - Providing the least customer complaints and the most customer satisfaction.
  • - Being improvements product qualities accordingly pursuing the decreasing of cost studies with participation of all stuff.
  • - Being continuously education in company based to reach the intended level in the legal policies and standards and improve regularly.

We quarantee to applying the Quality System pursuant to explained our Quality Policies above, improving and providing the persistence as determine the aims of quality.